We believe in God, Jesus Christ as God’s son who came in the flesh and died on the cross for our sins and in Jesus is  salvation alone and Holy Spirit who is comes from God and speaks on behalf of God and Jesus to us. We believe in gender equity and the respect of all to love who God has created them to love. We believe that God has called us to spread God’s love through life, witness and action.

We believe that God has equipped Kingdom Workers in varied gifts. These gifts are Apostles Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Teachers, Miracle Workers, Healers, Helpers, Administrators, Diverse Tongues all for the equipping of God’s children until all are in the unity of faith.

Thusly, KFM will walk in the gifting, power, and knowledge of this understanding with a desire to do all things in a spirit of love, humility and excellence to the glory of God!