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Before the Throne Ministry is a prayer ministry with the hope of providing encouragement,
motivation, community and love through prayer. Having someone always beseeching the throne
of grace interceding for our brothers and sisters.
Prayer breakfasts are hosted annually. Not only packed with prayer and an awesome word.
These breakfasts are truly filling not only physically but Spiritually!

Founder: Pastor- Elect Natheania Simien
Prayer Request and other questions can be sent to:

BTG MINISTRIES STATE 2 STATE (bridging the gap)

Interceding for one another State 2 State, world wide with spreading the GOOD new of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a grand introduction of HOLY SPIRIT!!!
Train yourself up in the Word of God, and then tune into your spirit and obey what you hear immediately. Don’t hesitate! If you do, “common sense” and your natural senses will talk you out of it.

Established 2018 in Dallas, Texas through a vision from God to reach out to souls all over the world. BTG is a Holy Spirit led and a Holy Spirit fed Social Media Ministry currently serving two platforms. Facebook and Youtube Live and soon to be Tik Tok.
We’re live every Tuesday morning at 6:00 am CST/ 7:00 am EST and 4:00 am PST and every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 am CST/8:00 am EST and 9:00 am PST.

Our BTG family connect daily with Holy Spirit engaging in prayer, bible readings, encouraging meditational readings, singing and simply having fun learning about Jesus and so much more.

We would love for you to join our BTG family. Come on in and learn with us as we take the world by storm with Holy Spirit leading the way.

An Educational Male Prison Ministry 



Ministry focused on homeless teens and young adults 

A ministry that has weekly bible study, Sunday Worship experiences with a focus on ministry to the homeless population. 

A ministry that connects leaders for expression of ideas and support 

Freedom Fellowship West Dallas is a marketplace ministry building the community through Faith, Fun,
and Fellowship. With a focus to empower young adults, men, women, and families on their journey
through life and with Christ.

The Vision of FFWD is to see souls saved, delivered, and individuals experiencing true Freedom in Christ.
Our Mission is refining the present and future generations through the sharing of God’s living word.
Foundational Scripture: Isaiah 55:3 NLT “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find
life. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the unfailing love I promised to

A ministry designed to assist and support women of domestic violence and sudden life changes. 

I AM VILLAGE  is a girl mentoring program ages 9-17 to help improve their lives spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally by providing training, mentoring, coaching, resources, workshops tutoring and life skills development.

In I Am Village, we will help build foundation and help each affirm who they are, whom they are and who’s they are.

As we stand on the word of God  of Psalm 139:14 “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” our affirmation is as follows: 

I AM …….









For more information please email – Dorothy Stephenson at

This is a training and equipping ministry throughout the country of Ethiopia 

A Christian support group for persons struggling with their addition to alcohol.

Loving You To The Triune Truth bridges ministries and persons equipping them to walk in spiritual wholeness.

Ministry designed to assist persons in identifying the strength within when faced with life’s toughest challenges. 

Ministry steeped in prayer and intercession.

A ministry designed to assist persons in understanding their strengths and walking in purpose.


Warrior Watchmen Prayer Ministry (WWPM), is a nationwide prayer and intercession ministry, (by faith in God one day to become global), that consists of Watchmen for God to intercede on behalf of God’s people. We are assigned to the “secret-place” as well as to the “marketplace”. Habakkuk 2:1-3

For more information email:

Ministry focused on Single Fathers to assist in parenting, finance and creative arts.


...Because Relationships Matter...Experience It!