Kingdom First Ministries (KFM) formed in 2004 initially as a ministry for educational and media development for an emerging generation.  Presently, KFM  birthed from Dr. VJB ministries, serves as a covering for sons and daughters of ministry as well as for others who are seeking wholesome covenantal relationships. KFM is focused on  the nurture, grooming and covering of gifts and ministries.  KFM’s core values and requirements are for persons/ministries to be spirit filled, full of integrity, and  love that strives at all times for excellence.  

Our motto:  “KFM will minister to everyone but not everyone is a part of KFM”. 

KFM is a global  marketplace ministry.  We  are presently located in Ethiopia, Rwanda, DR Congo, Gambia, India, Bahamas, Haiti as well as Florida, Georgia, Texas, South and North Carolina, California, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and District of Columbia.  Our aim is to do ministry wherever ministry calls us to go.